Burn Baby Burn (or: Why the Republican Right Hates and Wants to Destroy America)

July 24th, 2011

A follow-up to Ransom and Tea Party Terrorists, inspired by The Default Caucus takes hostages (Dana Milbank, Washington Post 7/24/11), In Bid for Control of GOP, Tea Party Brings U.S. to Brink of Economic Calamity (AlterNet 7/23/11), and The Alarming Revival of Ayn Rand: The Right’s Weirdest Idol of Them All (Alternet 7/18/11).


I used to think Republican resememblance to terrorists was tactical

And that ultimately, they’d end up being practical.


But for some, taking the government and country hostage isn’t just a tactic to employ.

For some, the government and country are enemies to destroy.


They share the terrorist goal to completely destroy what they oppose,

Which is why they a compromise position won’t accept, or even propose.


They view debt as one of many sins for which we should be cleansed by Holy Fires

(Ironic that they’re also climate change deniers).


The actually want an apocryphal conflagration

Out of which emerges a new, better nation.


A nation remade according to their imagining;

A second chance, a new beginning.


A resurrection, a spiritual rebirth—

The chance to recreate a perfect Earth.


Their goal is default so the country burn and collapse,

And something better can emerge from the ashes, perhaps.


That’s why they worship right-wing icon Ayn Rand,

Whose hero blew up a building that didn’t get built as he’d planned.


That’s why many of them look forward to the world’s End

And will never, ever the debt limit extend.


Here’s your theme song, Disco Inferno by The Trammps.



Here’s a scene from the movie The Fountainhead (based on the conservative movement’s bible, Ayn Rand’s book of the same name). As it turns out, conservative and individual rights hero Howard Roark also just happens to be a rapist (the book is a lot more graphic)…

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