May 10th, 2012

Inspired by Mitt Romney’s prep school classmates recall pranks, but also troubling incidents   (Jason Horowitz, Washington Post 5/10/12).


“He can’t look like that. That’s wrong. Just look at him!” – high school senior Mitt Romney to his friend Matthew Friedemann (who later regretted not stopping the subsequent attack), upset that presumed gay student John Lauber’s bleached-blond hair draped over one eye


“Bully: A person who is habitually cruel or overbearing, especially to smaller or weaker people.” – Free Online Dictionary



“Forty years on, when afar and asunder
Parted are those who are singing today,
When you look back, and forgetfully wonder
What you were like in your work and your play,
Then, it may be, there will often come o’er you,
Glimpses of notes like the catch of a song –
Visions of boyhood shall float them before you,
Echoes of dreamland shall bear them along,
Follow up! Follow up! Follow up!”
–- School song at Mitt’s elite private high school


Mitt says he doesn’t remember his high school days,

Especially the time he and his friends spent bullying gays.


According to five separate eye witness reports,

Each of which the same story supports,

Mitt was incensed that a younger student looked gay

(His hair draped over one eye in a homosexual way).


So Mitt led a group that jumped the kid and threw him down,

Then Mitt’s friends pinned him on the ground.

The kid screamed for help and his eyes filled with tears

(Just the kind of response one expects from queers).


But those cries didn’t give Mitt guilty pangs

As he proceeded to cut off the poor kid’s bangs.

Mitt wielded his scissors with reckless abandon and glee

(Good practice for later careers at Bain and in the GOP).


Mitt’s friend was later remorseful he hadn’t stopped the attack,

While Mitt says he can’t remember that far back.

But if he did it, he’s sure it wasn’t because the kid was gay.

It was just the kind of fun prank Mitt liked to play.

(Yes, dear reader:

That’s Mitt Romney, the leader.)


Nor was that the only occasion

When Mitt tormented those thought to be of a different persuasion.

Mitt also played tricks that were particularly unkind

On one of his teachers who was nearly blind.


“We’ve all done things we’re not proud of,” Republicans say,

“And what does it matter, since the kid was gay.”

Behavior to those less powerful is how one a person’s character measures.

Is it coincidence that Republicans always oppose anti-bullying measures?


“It was so long ago, and no longer matters—

We need to talk about more important matters.”

(That’s what Republicans say when they know they’re wrong

And don’t want to discuss a losing issue too long.

But when they think they have the advantage and smell political blood,

They open the gates and let loose the flood.)


“All high school kids do stupid stuff,”

The untruth of which I can’t stress enough.

I did dumb things, but never anything like that.

So Sorry, GOP, but that argument falls flat.


I tell my teenage daughters that now’s when they become the person they’ll be,

And they should therefore make decisions carefully.

Mitt was a bully then, and remains one today.

What a contrast with the President’s statement yesterday.


Here’s the trailer for the documentary Bully. Pranks, Mitt?

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