April 18th, 2012

A follow-up to Cave-Heart, inspired by Ted Nugent’s rant at the NRA convention.

“First learn to use this, then I’ll teach you how to use this.” – Uncle Argyle to young William Wallace after the death of his father on the importance of learning to use his brain before he learns how to use a weapon (in young William’s case, a sword)


“We are patriots. We are Bravehearts. We need to ride into battlefield and chop their heads off in November.” – Ted Nugent




You’re not a patriot, and you’re no Braveheart–

William Wallace was not just tough, but smart.


Wallace was a warrior; you’re a draft dodger.

He recited French poetry; you’re a foul-mouthed old codger.


And as far as you new leader is concerned,

There’s even more reason to be concerned.


Mitt’s less like Wallace than the leprous noble who betrayed him,

And you have more in common with the actor who played him:


Another violent has-been on the brink of insanity

Who delights in racist rants filled with profanity.


Here’s video of Nugeheart’s full rant.


Here’s how Nugeheart sees himself…


…but this is a more accurate representation of the GOP/Nugean/Tea Party philosophy. Will the American public again be tricked into being on the wrong side? (The “May Day” dubbed into the scene is right-wing nutcase Alex Jones.)

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