Bowie-ing Up The Troops (or: Moving Forward, Not Back)

October 7th, 2010

Inspired by President Obama’s speech in Bowie, Maryland today.

I went to see President Obama today.

There was none of the so-called enthusiasm gap on display.

On the contrary, the crowd seem pretty darn enthused,

At least after being by Obama and the other speakers infused.

Also present at the rally

Were Tony Brown, Sen. Milkuski and Gov. O’Malley.

They all gave great speeches too.

The crowd was really fired up by the time they were through.

The Republicans want America back.

(That’s been the purpose of their relentless attack.)

But Dems don’t won’t to go back anymore

To the way things were a few years before.

Dems, in contrast, want to move forward,

So the choice is very straightforward.

This was the third Obama rally I went to;

Unfortunately, I didn’t get in to the other two.

When I saw the long line today, I felt some alarm,

But as they say, the third time’s the charm.

It went a long way, my earlier disappointments to assuage

When I lucked out and snagged a spot close to the stage.

(I was in front of the women who shouted “They’re stupid” when Obama talked about the GOP;

Obama glanced over, so maybe he saw me.)

When the President walked around shaking hands after his speech,

I was only 10 feet away (too bad I don’t have a longer reach).

Thanks, Mr. President, for getting our national car back in gear,

And thank you, for making next month’s choice clear.


Here’s video from the rally.

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