Black and Blue

September 5th, 2014

Inspired by Gallup: Obama Ties All-Time Low of 38% Job Approval ( 9/04/14): My sympathy goes out to President Obama for the constant attacks and criticism that he’s been subjected to for nearly six years now


Dear President Obama:


Republicans oppose you

No matter what you do.

Do they hate you because you’re black,

Or is it because you’re blue?


They also attacked Bill Clinton,

Even though he’s white.

Could it be that hate

Is now all that binds the Right?


Maybe it’s the black-blue combination

That makes their attacks so ferocious,

And the lack of respect they show

So unprecedently atrocious.


Either way, I’m sorry

For what you’re going through.

After all, you’re the one

Who ends up black and blue.


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