Biting the Hand

November 10th, 2009

Inspired by “Senate moderates wield influence to seek changes to health-care reform” (Washington Post 11/04/09) and “Compromise won over Democratic holdouts : Pelosi’s dare paid off as public option was not sticking point” (Washington Post 11/09/09). 

Remember, Blue Dogs, Obama got most of you elected,

And that in your votes should be reflected.

Republicans are going to attack you no matter what you do–

The Palinites even attack moderate Republicans too.

They even kill their own (the ones they “RINOs” call).

What makes you think they’ll spare you at all?

Are you going to deny the President support when he needs it?

A dog shouldn’t bite the hand that feeds it.


Here’s Keith’s 11/03/09 special comment about healthcare reform opponents, mostly attacking Republicans, but including some Blue Dog Dems.

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