Bigfoot in Mouth (or: Can Romney Afford to Lose the Sasquatch Demographic?)

January 17th, 2012

Inspired by Mitt Romney’s Bigfoot reference at the debate last night.


“If we’re talking about super PAC ads that are inaccurate, Mr. Speaker, you have a super PAC ad that attacks me. It’s probably the biggest hoax since Bigfoot.” – Mitt Romney at last night’s debate talking about Newt’s King-of-Bain super PAC ad


“Monsters are everywhere these days, and belief in them is as strong as ever. What’s harder to believe is why so many people buy into hazy evidence, shady schemes and downright false reports that perpetuate myths that often have just one ultimate truth: They put money in the pockets of their purveyors.” – Fox News report on belief in Bigfoot (truer and more ironic words have never been spoken)


Romney has been working hard, Teabaggers to his banner to coax.

Has he now ruined that by calling Bigfoot a hoax?


Mitt may not share Tea Party views on science and conspiracy theories

(For more on those, read our science and conspiracies series).


But given all Mitt’s hard work to pander to members of the far right,

I’d hate to think this would cause him to lose them… but it might.


Does Bigfoot exist? Possibly, but in my view, misidentification and outright fraud are more likely explanations for most if not all of the sightings and other “evidence,” given that no bigfoot remains have ever been found. I do however believe that there is a much higher possibility that Bigfoot exists than that Republican economic policy will work to bring America out of the current GOP recession.

I was able to find some statistics from a report by Baylor University on belief in Bigfoot, but they were from 2007 and so didn’t include anything about the Tea Party. As one would expect, the main determinant of whether one believes in Bigfoot appears to be education: the less you have, the more (and more strongly) you believe (8% of non-high school grads believed Bigfoot “absolutely” exists, versus 1.4% for college grads and 0% for post-grads). I expected more Republicans to believe, but that unfortunately wasn’t the case (alas for my narrative), but the difference was very small (11.5% of Dems thought Bigfoot “probably” exists and 2.8% thought he “absolutely” exists, versus 11.7% and 1.6% for Repubs). However, it’s interesting to note that the numbers for Independents were higher (15.5% “probably” and 3.6% “absolutely”), and higher still for “Other” party adherents (35.3% “probably” and 20.6% “absolutely”). Remember that this survey was from 2007, before the birth of the GOP’s Tea Party wing. Dare I suggest therefore that the Tea Party born soon thereafter drew most heavily from the “Other” group, and from Independents who identified themselves as Bigfoot believers? 

A propos, here’s your theme music, I Still Believe in Bigfoot by Danny Freyer, followed by some more assorted Bigfoot music and the Sasquatch song from one of my favorite movies.

The Bigfoot Song “I Still Believe in Bigfoot” – watch more funny videos

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