March 13th, 2011

Our Religious Rightist friends think it’s justifiable

To restrict marriage to what’s in the Bible.

For example, if a man should without issue die,

The Bible requires his widow with the man’s brother to lie.

The brother must take his sister-in-law as wife

And continue the dead brother’s traditional married life.

The Bible requires that new wives who aren’t virgins be stoned

(It’s surprising that Religious Rightists Sharia law have condoned).

But if an unbetrothed woman is forcibly raped

And she somehow with her life escaped…

The rapist must pay her dad fifty pieces of coin

And she must her rapist in holy matrimony join.

The Bible also encourages multiple wives

(Those biblical men must have had busy lives).

Finally, it’s traditional that marriages by parents be arranged.

What’s that you say? Traditions have changed?

To which I respond, ever so matter of factly,

That, my dear friend, is my point exactly.

So were you serious about following what the Bible requires,

Or are you just a bunch of biblical liars?

(It’s so amusing to watch your rhetorical contortions

When confronted with hypocrisy of such biblical proportions.)


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