Beware the Ides of March

February 4th, 2013

A personal plea to President Obama.


“The Wall Street Journal reports today that Democrats in the Senate are working on a bill that includes most of the President’s proposals, and it is aimed at hitting the Senate floor for a full vote next month in March.” — Rachel Maddow


Dear Mr. President:


As the fight over gun measures comes to a head,

There will be even more people who want you dead.


Rhetoric from the NRA will further stir the pot,

Claiming things are true that are not.


The Secret Service will, God-willing

Protect your from those who want to “start killing.”


I’m not saying you should back down,

Just take extra precautions when you’re out of town.


So please, Mr. President, be extra careful,

And I (and others) will be extra prayerful.


Until the extremist anger subsides,

Please, Mr. President: beware March’s Ides.


Here’s Rachel’s 2/04/13 report (her quote is at the 2”30 mark).


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Obama as Caesar

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