Be Yourself (but more importantly, be FOR YOURSELF)

October 16th, 2012

Inspired by Debate advice from Hillel (Harold Meyerson,Washington Post 10/16/12 A21).



“If I am not for myself, who shall be for me?” — Rabbi Hillel





The good Rabbi (and Harold) are offering excellent advice:

Stand up for yourself, or tonight will make twice.


Be tougher, and call out Mitt Romney’s lies and misinformation:

This time, verbally express your aggravation.


But don’t over-compensate: that’s not your style,

And you don’t want to come across as too hostile.


Against McCain in 2008,

You were awesome in your town hall debate.


So just give Romney more of the same,

And don’t let him you for the slow recovery blame!


And remember: no matter how much Mitt may scoff,

Americanow IS better off.


“If I am not for myself, who shall be for me?”

I’m for you, Mr. Pres, and always will be.


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