Banter with Cantor

September 23rd, 2009

Inspired by “Healthcare War Gets a Little More Civil” (Washington Post 9/22/09). Eric Cantor (R-VA) and (gasp) Democratic healthcare reform supporter Rep. Bobby Scott hosted a public meeting on Sep. 21. Protest signs were not allowed, speaking times were limited, and speakers’ names were recorded in order to encourage civility. In spite of the fact that the audience was filled with Tea Party activists, the meeting’s tone remained civil, with no heckling or other such outbursts .NB: Mr. Cantor isn’t always so constructive (see, for example, his rant at a Town Hall meeting as shown on MSNBC on 9/23/09), but we at Newsericks believe in giving credit where credit is due.


Republican Eric Cantor is setting an example.

His behavior is a sample

Of what civil discourse should look like.

Even when it’s with people you dislike.


He and Dem Bobby Scott hosted a Town Hall meeting

But this one had rules, so it wasn’t self-defeating.

They met to discuss reforming healthcare

And plenty of activists from both sides were there.


As you may know, Rep. Bobby Scott is a reform backer

While Cantor (as Minority Whip) is the Republicans’ skull cracker.

It seemed the stage was set

For people to get upset.


But what can I say—

It didn’t happen that way.

Instead of a fight

Things worked out alright.


Did they agree?

No, not completely.

But yes they found

Some common ground.


“Eric and I agree on 80 percent,” said Scott.

And in politics, that’s a lot.

Is it possible that views will converge?

Said Cantor, “I think, yes, something will emerge.”


Civility may not make for great TV

But it sure is better for democracy.

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