Bain DID Create Jobs

May 16th, 2012

Inspired by the fired Ampad factory worker who introduced Joe Biden in Youngstown, Ohio today.


“His corporate buyout firm Bain Capital bought my plant. They brought in security guards, they fired us all, they walked us out of the building. We saw families devastated, communities devastated by this act. A few were hired back. When they hired us back, they cut our wages, they cut our benefits, they took our retirement package. In eight short years, Mitt Romney and his buddies took $100 million out of the company, the company called Ampad, and let it go bankrupt.” — one of the factory workers Bain fired introducing VP Biden in Youngstown, Ohio today


It turns out Mitt’s right: Bain did create the occasional job

And didn’t just companies, creditors, and pension funds rob.


Now we know what jobs Mitt was talking about:

The security guards hired to escort fired workers out.


Here’s Hardball’s 5/16/12 report and discussion, including part of Biden’s introduction at the 3”50 mark.

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