Bad Enough The First Time (or: Why Boehner’s Plan to Have Another Debt Ceiling Crisis for the Next Six Months Isn’t a Good Idea)

July 28th, 2011

The Boehner plan would give us another debt ceiling crisis six months from now.

And that helps the nation and economy how?


Wouldn’t doing this all over again be fun,

Especially since we’ve spent the last six months doing it and gotten nothing else done.


No jobs, no attempt to create economic growth

(So much for that Republican job-creating oath).


I myself would have preferred the “Grand Bargain,” but we didn’t get it:

Repubs refused a chance to achieve real savings, and I hope voters don’t forget it.


(That deal would have been much easier for Boehner to get approved,

And the result would have been much improved.)


You may like the idea, John, of six more months of hammering Obama,

But the rest of the country would prefer to dispense with the debt ceiling drama.


So no, let’s get beyond the political tricks

And not make this just a temporary fix.


Here’s your theme music, Feels Like the First Time by Foreigner.


Here’s The Rachel Maddow Show’s 7/28/11 live report (with Melissa Harris-Perry subbing for Rachel) on Speaker Boehner’s attempt to round up the votes to pass his own bill (he’s having a really hard time).

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