Bad Decision 2010

November 3rd, 2010

There’s something that can’t but should be said.

Noone else will say it, so I will instead.

All you people who voted Republican

Are “useful idiots” who have been fooled yet again.

I don’t mean you rich people who don’t care about the rest of us–

For you, this election result is an unmitigated plus.

But for the rest of you “real Americans” who voted GOP,

You’re helping a party that doesn’t care about you and me.

Like Bill Clinton said, you’ve been played

By a party which by wealthy interests is bought and paid.

Many of you will realize sooner or later

That you’ve been tricked into being a class traitor.

When you figure that out, you’ll decide it was someone else’s fault,

But that precisely was the cause of the Right’s successful assault.

Yes, you were misinformed and lied to, but the Truth’s out there

For those who take the time to find it, or care.

So if you believe and were inspired by that supposed GOP oath,

You, Mr. and Miss voter, are lazy or stupid, or both.


Here’s President Obama’s concession speech. He of course would never say what really needs to be said…

Here’s your theme music, The Who’s classic Won’t Get Fooled Again from the album Who’s Next, with the video that was actually my first foray into public political activism. Unfortunately, it looks like we were fooled again, at least this time.


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