Back to (Your Vision of) the Past

August 14th, 2010

A follow-up to our earlier selections about Williamsburg, the GOP parallel universe, and Republican historical revisionism, inspired by Williamsburg chosen to host 2012 national governors’ meeting ( 8/11/10).

“There is no more fitting location for a meeting of America’s governors than our nation’s birthplace.” – Gov. Bob McDonnell (R-VA)

Colonial Williamsburg has its share of rabble rousers,

And not just the ones in knee-length trousers.

The Republican Governors Association wants some of that revolutionary magic

(It would be funny if it weren’t so tragic.)

The RGA has chosen Williamsburg to hold their 2012 meeting,

The assumed goal of which will be President Obama defeating.

Since Williamsburg has become the Teabagger Mecca

(As Governor Bob says, part of the revolutionary trifecta).

Williamsburg is the Nation’s birthplace, you say?

Sorry Bob, but did you forget about Philadelphia PA?

That’s where they did the Constitution and Declaration of Independence,

Or did your forget about those minor historical events?

Or is it that you just want to forget about those big city types

Who resorted to compromise to deal with each others’ gripes.

That’s not very big now in the (shrinking) Republican tent

(I wonder where all those moderates went.)

Or maybe it’s just another case of Republican historical revision,

Which views historical figures they don’t like with contempt and derision.

If a historical lesson doesn’t fit your narrative, don’t apply it,

Or you can always just modify it.

Or maybe Republicans like Williamsburg so much

Because they’re with reality and the present so out of touch.

Or is it a little like the creationist Dinosaur Adventure Land

Where they change parts of history they don’t like or understand.

We already know that Governor Bob and his ilk want to take us back to the past,

As soon as it’s been to fit their narrative recast.

If everyone knows his or her place, we can live in peace again.

After all, everyone was better off then.

So go ahead, Republican governors, visit Williamsburg and enjoy,

But don’t think we’ll fall for your transparent ploy.

Go back to the past, or at least your vision of it.

(Or should I say, your revision of it.)

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