Bachmann with Balls (…and Executive Mismanagement Experience)

August 16th, 2011

Inspired by Top tier puts GOP contest in focus: Romney, Perry and Bachmann (Washington Post 8/15/11) and In Iowa, first face-off between Bachmann and Perry hints at collision to come (Dan Balz,8/16/11).


“Republicans get a twofer with him. One they get one of the farthest out of the far out Tea Party right wingers in Perry, sort of Michele Bachmann with better hair. And then also, though, they get the real Perry, which is the exuberant corporate Republican who never met a corporate lobbyist he wouldn’t hug as long as that lobbyist had a campaign check and a wish list. He really is kind of a George Bush plutocrat without the intelligence or the ethics” –Texas radio host Jim Hightower


Governor Rick Perry has entered the race,

And quickly assumed his rightful top place.


He scored sixth atAmes, even though he wasn’t on the list

(Seventh place Mitt must have been pissed).


He’s a presidential candidate right out of central casting,

In spite (or maybe because of) the calls for prayer and fasting.


Michele Bachmann doesn’t much like him,

Maybe because she’s so much like him.


In terms of core belief, she’s hisMinnesotatwin,

Which is why she was hurt most when he jumped in.


Their main difference is that Perry has an actual pair,

Though I personally would rather not go there.


Bachmann’s are just metaphorical, as far as I know

(That’s someplace else I’d rather not go.)


Perry also got coveted executive management experience,

Which he regularly misrepresents.


With a candidate like him, how could Repubs fail?

He’s just like Bachmann, only more so, and male.


Here’s Chris Matthews’8/15/11 “cake with the Perry on top” comment.

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Here’s Texas radio host Jim Hightower tonight on Hardball. (Jim, I also loved your “putting the goober back in gubernatorial” comment.)

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And Dan, any resemblance between my title and your name is purely coincidental.

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