Baby Killer

March 23rd, 2010

Inspired by Texas Republican Congressman Randy Neugebauer’s cry of “baby killer” during Rep. Stupak’s 3/21/10 speech on the House floor.

Dear Congressman Neugebauer,

Must you make such outbursts on the House floor?

The House has a rule against personal attacks

(Though sometimes it’s enforcement is a little lax).

Nonetheless, it’s a rule, and you sir defied it,

Then for 15 hours, you tried to hide it.

Then you came up with an explanation

With only minor factual alteration.

You claimed that “it’s a baby killer” is what you really said,

Though the audio just has the words “baby killer” instead.

You apologized to Stupak for what you said you didn’t say,

And now you expect the whole thing to just go away.

(Of course, you don’t think it’s out of place

To use your outburst to fundraise with your base.)

You say you’re representing your constituents’ view,

But are you constituents also as rude as you?

Maybe some or even most of them feel the same,

But are they for your rudeness are to blame?

But most imporantly, you’re wrong:

The bill’s Hyde prohibitions are still (too) strong.

If they weren’t, do you think Stupak would have relented

And to vote for the bill consented?

How many babies die from lack of pre-natal care,

Something about which you seem not to care.

And what about the 45 thousand uninsured who die every year,

Because of the pre-reform system to which you adhere.

The road to get there was hard and long,

But I don’t think that those 59,000 nuns were wrong:

Healthcare reforming

Is life-affirming.

Healthcare reform is not a political game,

And you, sir, are the one who should feel shame.

Contrary to the commercial you made with your wife,

A vote for healthcare reform was a vote for life.


Here are Rachel’s 3/23/10 report on the “baby killer” incident. It seems that not only is Neugebauer not sorry, but he’s trying to make money out of it.

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