Attacking a President by Praising a King

January 20th, 2014

Inspired by Speaker John Boehner’s press release in honor of Martin Luther King Day and Obama is No Martin Luther King (Sharon Sebastian, Christian News Today 1/20/14).


“For all the laurels heaped on him, Martin Luther King Jr. often reminded his audiences he was simply a preacher doing his part.  ‘I just want to do God’s will,’ he said.  He devoted his life to this mission, animated by a spirit of love and justice that made the weary see their worth and moved a nation to seek its destiny. To the last, King never lost sight of life’s fragility or his own limits.  Reflect on his words that we know by heart, and how they look ahead to ‘one day’ beyond the horizon. It was not about him; it was about the greater cause. It was not about passing interests; it was about the eternal truths.  For this, he is even larger now than he was in his own time.  Today let us give thanks for his service and, in so doing, be sure to reaffirm our own.” – Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) press release in honor of Martin Luther King Day


Is the promotion of King to the position of “Good Black”

Just another way, President Obama to attack?


Has Dr. Martin Luther King has become right-wingers’ new Black friend,

Embrace of whom lets them to President Obama condescend?


Like John Boehner says, King was “simply a preacher” doing “God’s will.”

Another attempt, doubt about Obama’s Christianity to instill?


Boehner doesn’t say it as clearly as others on the right,

But he gets his point across, alright.


Dr. King knew “his own limits” (i.e., he knew his place),

While Obama’s supposed arrogance is a constant disgrace.


“It was not about him,” Boehner in praise of King says.

Just another backhanded attack on the Pres?


King didn’t care about “passing interests” or interest groups,

While Obama cares only about his government-dependent supporters and campaign troops.


You think, Mr. Speaker, that “eternal truths” are on your side,

And hence use your MLK press release, Obama to deride.


You allow Dr. King to loom large so that the President looks small,

Hoping that history soon won’t see Obama at all.


Right-wingers demonized Dr. King while he was alive,

And now want Obama similarly of respect to deprive.


They failed with Dr. King: His legacy only grew,

And they will fail with President Obama too.


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