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August 27th, 2012

Inspired by Race is even as parties convene; Economy still the defining issue (Dan Balz and Jon Cohen, Washington Post 8/27/12, A1).


The underlying theme of Romney’s assault

Is that the bad economy is Obama’s fault.


Think about the reasons Republicans give and want they want to do,

And whether it will be better for the economy–and you!


The GOP message is that the economy is bad, you’re hurting (or not doing as well as you should be), and it’s Obama’s fault.

Why is it Obama’s fault? Because he:

1) Passed Obamacare

2) Passed Wall Street regulation

3) Passed a stimulus bill

4) Did not cut spending to eliminate the social safety net

5) Cut taxes for the working and middle class, but didn’t give the 1% another massive tax cuts.


If you’re a member of the 99%, are you worse off because Obama:

1) Passed Obamacare, which saves you money and means your insurance company can’t drop you if you get sick

2) Passed Wall Street regulations to prevent the abuses that started the Bush Recession

3) Passed a stimulus bill (infrastructure investment, tax cuts, and aid to states), which economists say kept the recession from turning into a depression

4) Did not cut spending to eliminate the social safety net

5) Cut your taxes, instead of giving the 1% another massive tax cut?


If you answered yes and truly believe you’re worse off because of those things, don’t worry. If Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, and the rest of their team take over, they’ll fix everything by:

1) Repealing Obamacare

2) Repealing Wall Street regulation, like Bush did

3) Definitely not pass anything that might stimulate the economy

4) Cut spending to eliminate the social safety net, so if you’ve been contributing to Medicaid and unemployment all your life and lose your job, you’ll be out of luck

5) Raise taxes on the working and middle class and give the rich another massive tax break.


Won’t all that make the economy–and your life–so much better? After all, it worked so well when George Bush tried it, right?


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