Arousing Housing

March 29th, 2011

A follow-up to A Modest Proposal, inspired by Home prices falling in 19 major US cities, with 4 now at lowest level in 11 years (Washington Post 3/29/11).

The housing market’s crisis continues.

Here’s a boost that it sure could use.

When selling our old house I made a discovery

That could help promote the market’s recovery.

This brilliant idea, which my blog has previously espoused

Might be just what it takes to get the housing market aroused.

On it’s own, it won’t solve the housing disaster,

But it could help the market recover faster.

It’s a quick and easy measure that seems heaven-sent,

And it wouldn’t cost the Treasury one red cent.

What is this miraculous zero-cost housing market enhancer?

Read A Modest Proposal for the answer.


PS: The above-referenced Post article’s title, as dire as it is, actually understates the problem. Just 19 major cities? That’s not great, but it could be worse, right? Not much: the 19 major cities in which housing prices have continued to fall in the last month measured (Dec. 2009) are 19 of the 20 major cities tracked in S&P/Case-Shiller housing market index. Washington, DC was the only major city tracked by the index that didn’t experience a drop: average prices in DC increased 0.1% (better than a drop, but not exactly recovery material). As a whole, the index fell for the sixth straight month.

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