Are You With the Haters?

April 26th, 2012

Inspired by the Post’s front-page picture of an anti-immigration protester confronting a pro-immigrant one in front of the Supreme Court.


“We’ve got illegals in the back yard
It’s time we claimed our borders once again
I thinkArizona’s great
Protecting citizens of that state
And I believe that all across this land
WithArizonawe should take a stand.”
Anti-immigrant protester song


A picture is worth a thousand words,

Especially one of a pointed finger and angry words.


The white guy’s visible hatred is shared by many on the GOP side.

Do you really want to be on their side?


Look at this guy’s angry, hate-filled face.

Are his feelings the ones on which we our policy should base?


If his anger isn’t what you personally are about,

Then please help to vote his party out.


Whether you’re D, R, or I doesn’t matter:

The GOP’s defeat is the only way to cure what’s the matter.


Vote Dem in 2012, then maybe the GOP will learn its lesson

And in future years its bigotry lessen.


Here’s your theme music, Which Side Are You On by Pete Seeger.

In America, we respect the laws, so it’s understandable that people start out with an innate predisposition against illegal aliens. But bias does not have to be hate, nor does it have to lead to hate-based immigration policy.

Don’t like the idea of people living and working in this country illegally? Then dramatically expand legal immigration, beef up our work visa program, and let people who are here illegally pay a fine. Make it a big one, payable over a 10-20 year period, and then use the money to fund a scholarship program for DREAM Act kids, who would also receive American citizenship.

Speaking of “illegals,” in one sense, all the undocumented illegal aliens in America today are no different from the hundreds of thousands of Cuban-Americans who arrived on our shores without visas. That those immigrants were then declared legal instead of illegal was not because they’d followed proper immigration procedures (many hadn’t), but thanks to geopolitics.

For more on the angry fervor that permeates the anti-immigration movement, reaching into the Court itself, read On immigration case, Scalia throws fair, impartial to wind (Dana Milbank, Washington Post 4/26/12 A2).


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