Are You Being Served?

January 17th, 2014

Inspired by 20 ‘Bridgegate’ subpoenas include key Christie aides (USA Today 1/17/14) and Rev. Al’s report last night.


20 subpoenas are being issued last night and today

To see who else Chris Christie’s trust can betray.


(That’s if you believe Gov. Christie somehow never knew

What all his top staffers were conspiring to do.)


Are you being served? The answer, I guess:

If you worked for Chris Christie, probably yes.


Here’s Rev. Al’s 1/16/14 report on the 20 subpoenas being issued today in the Bridgegate scandal.


Here’s an episode from the classic British TV series that inspired our title. Coincidentally (or not), it’s the “Oh What a Tangled Web” episode.

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