Angry (or: Kill the Criminals, Let Coma Kid Die, and Kick Out College Kids)

September 14th, 2011

Inspired by the anger that bubbled out of the crowd at the Tea Party debate in Florida.


“You see the world through your cynical eyes; you’re a troubled young man, I can tell.” — Styx


They applaud when asked whether to let an uninsured coma patient die

Because he didn’t a health insurance card supply.


They go crazy when Rick Perry talks about his 234 executions–

Maybe Texascan bring back those exciting electrocutions.


Rick Perry, Mitt Romney, Michele Bachmann, and Ron Paul

All want to prove they’re the meanest, toughest candidate of all.


But even the cowboy king of tough

Isn’t mean and cruel enough.


The Tea Party audience attacked Perry for criticizing their fence

Which Perry maintains doesn’t make any sense.


They’re angry that he said teen girls should get HPV inoculations

(Tea Partiers seem to have an irrational fear of vaccinations).


They’re angry he said New Yorkhad the right to allow gay marriage,

And institution which right-wingers angrily disparage.


They’re angry he gave illegal immigrant kids state tuition rates,

A sign that he inadequately illegal immigrants hates.


(No matter the kids were brought her illegally through no fault of their own–

They must still be punished for the crimes of their parents to atone.)


Was the audience pissed off by Perry’s disagreement on policy issues,

Or the fact that he seemed to lack the anger from which their policy issues?


Maybe he’ll be forgiven if he shows he’s mean in other ways,

Like treating Fed Chair Bernanke “ugly,” and proving he does hate the gays.


That’s the problem with inciting anger and hate

You lose control of what you create.


Here’s your theme music, Fooling Yourself (The Angry Young Man) by Styx. Maybe part of the problem is that they don’t see their future as very bright.

Here’s Steven Colbert’s 9/13/11 report. He hits the anger nail right on the head.

Here’s Chris’s 9/13/11 comment on the righteous anger in today’s Republican Party.

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Here’s The Last Word’s 9/13/11 report on Perry’s passage for his pal of the Texas HPV vaccine requirement.

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Here’s Jon Stewart’s 9/13/11 report on Rick, coma kid, and the cheering crowd.

Here’s Rachel’s 9/13/11 report on the GOP’s “fatal attraction.”

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