Angled Up in Blue (or maybe that should be Tangled Up in View)

October 2nd, 2010

Inspired (finally) by the Dem counter-offensive to the GOP extremist onslaught.

Dems are finally fighting back

Against the GOP extremist attack.

They’re taking advantage of GOP candidates’ extremist positions

And many embarrassing misstatements and admissions.

Sharron Angle is perhaps the best example

(Click here about her political gaffes to read a sample).

I have to admit, it does greatly amuse

To see extremists increasingly tangled in their lies and far-right views.

And the fact that Dems are helping to publicize these mistakes

Shows that our candidates are finally starting to do what it takes.

After all, if we don’t point out the craziness and lies of the far right crew,

Then we’ll never be able to keep Congress blue.

So thank you, Sharron Angle,

For being so helpful, yourself to entangle.

You set the example which your colleagues have followed,

Creating content in which we liberals have happily wallowed.

Please, Sharron and friends, keep it up.

After all, you can still get even more

Tangled up.


Here are Rachel’s 10/01/10 features on the Dem counter-offense against GOP extremism, the new Patriot Majority ad challenging Sharron Angle for her proposal to make abortion illegal even in cases of rape and incest, and the retreat from personal responsibility by Republican candidates caught in lies.


Here’s your theme music for today, (what else but) Tangled Up in Blue by Bob Dylan.

If you like Dylan, read this autobiography, Chronicles: Volume One (unfortunately, there’s no volume 2). There are a few other autobiographies written or co-written by Dylan (you can find them by clicking on the preceeding link, and then on “related books”). I’ve only read this one so far, and it’s excellent. Dylan is as good at writing prose as he is at writing music, and this book really gives you a flavor for his life, especially the early years. Also, be sure to get the Scorcese documentary, and the Bootleg CD series (sold separately as vol. 1-3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8). The latter contains a lot of previously unreleased material, as well as different and very interesting versions of songs recorded on other albums.

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