An Honorary White

March 24th, 2012

Inspired by the right-wing echo chamber’s assertion that the shooting of Trayvon Martin of course couldn’t have been racially-motivated, since George Zimmerman isn’t really white.


It has been much ballyhooed by the Right

That George Zimmerman isn’t even white.

“He can’t be racist, since his mom’s Hispanic!”

(The claim itself suggests an element of panic.)


That’s the same “one drop” theory by which Obama is black,

And hence fair game for the right’s race-based attack.

(Further evidence of their desperate attempt:

Everyone knows Latinos aren’t from racist feelings exempt.)


But though Zimmerman’s technically not pure Caucasian

I’m sure that the NRA and Aryan Nation

Will happily make him an honorary member of the white race

Whose heroism has earned him that honored place.


It helps that George Zimmerman’s dad is the one who’s white

(A dominant race appropriates captured women as its natural right).

In determining ethnicity, the father is culturally dominant one

(For the White Right, especially if Junior knows how to use a gun).


But it really doesn’t matter if George Zimmerman is racist or not:

He pursued Trayvon Martin, and shot him when caught.

Even if not racially-motivated, it seems undeniable

That Trayvon’s execution was not justifiable.


That’s why George Zimmerman must be immediately arrested and tried:

Because justice delayed is justice denied.


Read Trayvon Martin Shooter George Zimmerman Is Hispanic Member Of Black/Hispanic Family ( 3/23/12) for one of many examples of the White Right’s portrayal of Zimmerman as Hispanic to “prove” that he couldn’t be racist. Does my refutation of this supposed “proof” mean Zimmerman is racist? No, it doesn’t: being white, part-white, or culturally white no more makes one a racist than being Hispanic (or part-Hispanic) proves that someone isn’t  racist. But even more instructive than the article itself are the comments. Zimmerman himself may or may not be a racist, but the comments clearly show that some of his “defenders” are, and virulently so.

But whether George Zimmerman is or is not a racist may not even matter (whether his killing of Trayvon was racially motivated is a key factor if the case is prosecuted as a federal hate crime, but much less important if it’s prosecuted under state law). What matters is determining whether George Zimmerman was justified in his killing of Trayvon Martin, and the only way to determine that is to arrest and try him. If  Zimmerman is truly innocent, he should welcome a public trial, since he otherwise will be forced to spend the rest of his life under a cloud of guilt.

If you agree that a public trial is the only way to ensure justice in this case, then click here to sign the petition calling for George Zimmerman to be arrested and prosecuted.


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