America Glenn Becked

September 13th, 2009

A charm school reject,
You practice disrespect
Against the President the country dared elect.

The poverty of your ideas abject.
Inconvenient facts you reject,
And convenient ones select.

The truth you don’t bother to inspect.
But use lies the public to misdirect.
Disproved canards continuously resurrect.

You don’t care if what you say is incorrect.
When caught in a lie you’re circumspect.
Your errors you don’t recollect.

Reason on you has no effect.
You show no signs of intellect.
Have you no self-respect?

Gullible masses you infect
(Especially the red-necked,
Ammo belts and camo bedecked).

Leader of your righteous sect,
You’ll leave the country wrecked
With your September 12 Project.

All Obama does is suspect.
Bush’s deficits didn’t matter but now you object
When Dems address problems created by Republican neglect.

Hatred and racism into politics you inject,
Anger and greed by civility and humanity unchecked.
America, you’ve been Glenn Becked.

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