December 5th, 2009

Inspired by President Obama’s speech in Allentown yesterday (watch it below).

     Obama went to Allentown.

Most people don’t care.

I do,

Because I’m from there.

     Though I’ve lived in DC for 23 years now

And will continue to do so (as long as conditions allow),

When asked where I’m from, I sometimes still say

“I’m from Allentown, PA.”

     We moved there when I was fifteen years old,

An awkward adolescent trying myself to remold.

I went to High School with Allentown’s Congressman

(Too bad he turned into a Republican).

     I don’t like Billy Joel,

Except for one song.

When it’s on the radio

I sing along.

     Actually, the song’s really more about neighboring Bethlehem,

But that doesn’t rhyme with anything but the word “phlegm.”

Bethlehem was the home of Bethlehem Steel’s main factory

They’ve closed (that’s why the economy there is unsatisfactory).

     But Allentown is still a fairly nice place

With lots of public parks and open space.

The Lehigh Valley is beautiful too, with good farmland,

And rolling hills that reminded German immigrants of the Vaterland.

     I still go back for holidays;

Like many post-industrial PA towns, it’s seen better days.

Allentown’s now ranked as the fourth most dangerous city in the state,

And a once safe city is now not as great.

    Unemployment is 10.1 per cent,

So the stimulus bill was heaven-sent.

Speech attendees seemed to like Obama’s “jobs” message.

Let’s hope he can achieve the job bill’s passage.


Here’s President Obama speaking in Allentown on 12/04/2009.

Here’s candidate Obama speaking in Allentown 3/31/2008 (that’s why he said “it’s great to be back”).

Here’s the Billy Joel music video (check out the CD here).

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