All in the NOH8 Family

January 21st, 2010

Inspired by “McCain’s wife backs same-sex marriage” (Washington Post 1/21/10), McCain Joins Project Protesting Prop 8 (Huffington Post 1/20/10), and McCain’s wife, daughter back gay marriage movement ( 1/20/10). McCain’s daughter Meghan has also been an outspoken marriage equality supporter.

     Senator McCain, you should listen to your wife and daughter

And become a marriage equality supporter.

     You’ve said you respect their views but remain opposed,

And support the discrimination which Prop 8 re-imposed.

     You say marriage not between “one man and one woman” should be a crime

(I guess you must mean marriage to one woman at a time).

     I respect that you admitted your own divorce was due to your personal failing,

But I’d appreciate if you’d stop against other people’s marriage rights railing.

     I know you used to (sort of) support civil unions and I don’t think you’re anti-gay.

So why not just go all the way?

     As a “maverick” why don’t you stand up to those in your party

Who are the modern anti-gay equivalent of Senator McCarthy.

     I respect the positions you took during the campaign,

But lately you seem to have joined in on attacking Obama for political gain.

     I understand that you have to maintain your conservative bona fides,

But you shouldn’t when it with basic Constitutional rights collides.

     I think you’re a (basically) good and honest man,

And as such should be opposed to the marriage equality ban.

     I guess I’m still hoping you come around

And marriage equality publicly propound.

     It’s true Sarah Palin might change her mind about campaigning for you if you “come out,”

But do you really think you’re better off with her on the campaign trail than without?

     And in case you’re still not persuaded,

Read my earlier piece about other conservatives who marriage equality’s cause have aided.

     Yes, your daughter Meghan’s among them, and now wife Cindy too.

All that’s missing from this family photo now is…



PS: The titular reference (for readers too young to remember) was to the classic 1970s sitcom “All in the Family,” one of the first network TV shows to attack (through that most potent of weapons, ridicule) bigotry, including anti-gay bigotry.

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