Adam and Steve

December 17th, 2009

Inspired by Born Gay? (Box Turtle Bulletin) and the National Geographic video below about biological reasons for homosexuality.

I don’t know about you,

But I believe

That God did create

Adam and Steve.

Eve may have been

Second in line,

But God later created Steve

As part of his Design.

From the evolutionary perspective

(In which God may also have a role),

The evidence is that this may have happened

For population control.

Biological research shows that after a woman bears many sons,

The probability increases that she’ll have gay ones.

If this is true, then same-sex orientation

May be an evolutionary way to prevent over-population.

If so, that would be quite ironic,

And might make some Catholic parents catatonic.

Since they’re supposed to forego birth control and have bigger families

They may have more kids with same-sex proclivities.

I feel bad for the gay Catholic kid

Who grows up feeling guilt for something “wrong” he never did.

But hopefully he’ll accept who he is, and his family will too,

And the Church will recognize that he’s God’s creation too.

Anyway, how Steve became gay really isn’t the issue:

He’s a human being with rights whose protection is long overdue.


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