ABM Treaty

March 8th, 2012

A follow-up to Dynasty and Mr. Surprise, inspired by the “harsh math” of delegate counting. My advice to Mssrs. Santorum and Gingrich: Make a delegate-pooling deal (it could be called the Anyone-But-Mitt Treaty) to increase your chances of winning, particularly in the face of a possible Romney-Paul deal).


In the face of a possible Romney-Paul deal

(Read Dynasty, in which I the details reveal),

Santorum and Gingrich should enter into an alliance.

In order to formalize their anti-Romney defiance.


The deal would be that each of the duo commits

To pool and share their delegates.

If one drops out, the other would receive them

(A lot better, than on the table to leave them).


If both Rick and Newt continue to the bitter end,

Then allocation would on who had the most depend.

If Rick has more delegates, he’ll get the whole bunch;

If the situation is reversed, Newt gets the free lunch.


This deal would let Rick and Newt focus on Mitt,

And avoid allowing Romney each against the other to pit.

Since Rick and Newt each think they’ll be the one voters choose,

What would they from this deal have to lose?


So with nothing to lose and everything to gain,

Why not pool your delegates and let freedom reign?


NB: The main obstacle to such a deal is probably Gingrich’s main financier Sheldon Adelson, since he reportedly really strongly dislikes Santorum and has stated his intention to support Mitt Romney if and when Gingrich drops out or loses. Another possible obstacle? The possibility that the GOP “Establishment” has a secret plan to bring in a surprise White Knight at the convention (read Mr. Surprise for my prediction about that).


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