A Whole Hour

March 17th, 2011

Inspired by Dems, GOP battle over Republican jobs forum (WashingtonPost.com 3/16/11) and House Republicans try to steer focus back to jobs: GOP leaders hold hour-long forum, which drew business owners (Washington Post 3/17/11).

“[Congress must] stop the regulatory overreach that’s impeding the ability to create jobs.”– House Majority Leader Eric Cantor
“They had a meeting in which they spent an hour with some businesspeople, 30 minutes of which they talked… [W]hat they’ve been doing since the first day of the 112th Congress is killing jobs and short-circuiting our economic recovery.” Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL)


Repubs won the midterms by pretending about jobs to care,

But since then haven’t gotten anywhere.

Yesterday, they dedicated a whole hour

Dereggers in the name of job growth to empower.

When Obama hosted his business forum, the GOP couldn’t stop jeering.

Now, the whole right wing echo chamber is cheering.

GOP criticism of Obama would be fair if the meeting was (as in their case) all he’d done.

Besides, his meeting was 4.5 hours, while theirs was just one.

Repubs spent half of the meeting listening to themselves talk,

Since they already know how they their anti-government agenda will hawk.

True, Repubs are working hard to change the unemployment rate–

With the 700,000+ lost jobs their budget cuts would create.

But as usual, GOP policies take us firmly in the wrong direction,

Hence the need for continued misdirection.

On the other hand, that hour was much more

Time than they’d ever spent on jobs before.


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