A Watched Teapot

September 4th, 2010

Inspired by NAACP, other groups team for ‘tea party tracker’ (Washington Post 9/04/10).

“A watched teapot never boils.” – tagline for the new NAACP website

Teabaggers: if charges of racism are undeserved

Then you shouldn’t mind being observed.

Even though you hold them in extreme disfavor,

The NAACP is doing you a favor.

Tea Partiers should be the first from racism in their ranks to recoil,

Or are you saying that you want that pot to boil?

You dismiss the NAACP’s condemnation to racist elements as “inflammatory name-calling,”

But it’s those elements and not the criticism that you should find appalling.

Even without the racism, it’s unlikely that liberals the Tea Party will support,

But I still hope that the site will have less and less to report.

You’ll never solve your racist image problem if you continue to deny,

But do what you need to do, and it will get smaller as time goes by.

Why give the Liberal mill more anti-Teabagger grist

By trying to deny that racist elements exist?

You should realize that this website is to your benefit too

And set out to do what you need to do.

You say you’re not racist, then prove it—

When someone brings a racist sign, remove it.

Expel Tea Party affiliated racist groups like Stormfront.org

And I’ll be more likely to believe you’re not just the Borg.

Remove the racists from your midst.

Otherise, it will be futile for you to resist.


Here’s your theme music, Watched Pot by Mike Lusk.


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