A Tale of Two Summits

February 28th, 2010

Further reflection on the healthcare summit, inspired by Beer vs. health, summit vs. summit (Washington Post 2/28/10).

Beer and healthcare

Are both necessities of life;

Their presence greatly reduces

Social strife.

The commercial says things go better with Coca Cola,

But we all know that isn’t true.

If you want to have a friendly conversation,

Then start out with a beer or two.

One of the sides at each summit

Took the same lesson from it.

Sgt. Crowley brought his lawyer (as a friendly reminder?),

And Republicans brought a giant talking points binder.

Each of those factors

Shows that the other side’s principal actors

Have a basic problem with trust,

Without which not much can be discussed.

Did the summits accomplish anything?

Well, it’s hard to know what the future will bring.

At least Obama is trying

(Anyone who says Repubs do the same is lying).

But after all is said and done

The purpose is not to determine who won.

The purpose is to solve a problem,

Not just convince people that the other guys the problem.

Of course, if the latter’s really the case,

Then at least it’s not a total waste.


If you haven’t read the book from which this poem partially takes its title, Dickens’ Tale of Two Cities (or, buy a Kindle and download it for free), you must (they’re called classics for a reason). And also check out my earlier poem of that name…

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