A Shoe-In

September 22nd, 2010

“Daniel Day-Lewis, apparently, when he’s not in Last of the Mohicans, is a cobbler.” – Jon Stewart
“I’d give anything for a pair of those shoes.” – Edward Norton
“Really, I would d think they’re probably kind of s**tty shoes. I would go with someone who really is an actual cobbler. Do you think they’re good? Can you imagine they’re any good? They would be method shoes, but I don’t know.” – Jon
“Maybe they would make me better.” — Ed
“The thing is, he only does the left shoe.” – What I would have said if I were Jon

Jon, you have my great respect,

But in this case I think you’ve been guitly of neglect.

Tonight when you were discussing Daniel Day-Lewis’s cobbling

And you and Edward Norton were amiably squabbling,

You had an opportunity to make a great quip,

But for some unknown reason, you let it slip.

I was sure you’d get the old comic one-two in.

Your response would have been a shoe-in.

You and Ed were discussing Daniel Day-Lewis and shoes–

Not the kind of subject which would normally amuse.

You two made it funny, but the segment would have been complete

If you’d just said something about Day-Lewis and left feet.

That, Jon, would have been right on the money.

That, Jon, would have been funny.


Here’s Jon’s 9/22/10 interview with Edward Norton.

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