A Salted Nut

April 4th, 2012

Inspired by Joe Scarborough’s advice for Rick Santorum… and Mitt Romney.

 “If I were Mitt Romney today, I would go up with millions of dollars of ads in Pennsylvania today and let him know, you know what? You stay in this race, and you make me sweat this out and you stop me from focusing on Barack Obama, you know what I’m going to do? I’m going to reduce you to rubble in your home state and then just like Rome, I’m going to go to Carthage and I’m going to salt the earth to make sure nothing ever grows back there again. I will kill you politically in your home state.” – Joe Scarborough this morning
And old joke (paraphrased):
“Did you hear what happened to the nut in Pennsylvania?”
“No, what?”
“He was a salted.”


If Rick Santorum doesn’t give Pennsylvania a pass,

Joe Scarborough says Romney should go Carthage on his ass.


That would mean mounting a massive multi-million dollar negative attack,

And salting the earth so Santorum’s political career can never grow back,


That’s been Mitt Romney’s approach since his campaign begun,

Using millions in super PAC money to assault rivals since day one.


Of course what will be Romney’s unkindest cut

Is suggesting it’s appropriate, since Santorum’s a nut.


Here’s Joe Scarborough’s scathing (and I think correct) analysis (at the 6”45 mark) of what Mitt will do if Rick stays in for PA. Given the propensity Romney has already shown for extreme and well-funded negativity, it’s pretty likely that the only difference between Joe’s salted earth Carthage advice and Mitt’s plan is that Mitt hasn’t openly discussed it like Joe is doing here.

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Update 4/09/12: Here’s a taste of what will be in store for Rick if he stays in through Pennsylvania. (And this is a campaign ad, so the super PAC ads would probably be even worse!) My prediction is that Rick will decide that discretion is the better part of valor, and drop out (read Santorum’s Spring Break for more about that).

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