A Reid in the Wind

November 20th, 2009

Inspired by Senate unveils health-care bill (Washington Post 11/19/09), Senate health-care bill to face first test in Saturday vote (WashingtonPost.com 11/19/09 2:11 pm), Who’s afraid to debate health reform? (Washington Post 11/20/09); Robert Reich: The Ersatz Public Option and Mike Lux: What the Passage of Health Care Legislation Means for the Future (Huffington Post 11/20/09). The vote to open debate on Saturday is another very important (read our earlier post on the last one, as well as our other wind-related healthcare piece), so call your Senators and sign the petition below.


The Senate has a healthcare bill

It’s heading to the floor

Republicans want to kill it

Before it makes it in the door.


It’s got a $848 billion price tag

About which Republicans usually don’t think twice.

It’s projected to save $130 billion over 10 years

Which the prescription drug benefit’s subsidy to business nears.


It was introduced by Sen. Majority Leader Reid

Who for some compromise felt the need.

But he did a much better job of responding to the Caucus

Than Senate Finance Committee head Baucus.


The bill will insure 31 million more Americans by 2019

(That is, if it gets by the Republican mujahedeen).

To blunt opposition, “Cadillac” coverage limits are increased

And the requirement for businesses to provide coverage has ceased.


What’s more, the public option is back to fight another day,

Scaled down, but Rockefeller said that’s OK.

It includes an opt-out provision,

Which reduces the risk of its later excision.


A stronger public option would save more money.

You’d think that would attract more support, but it’s funny

That just the opposite is true

If you’re a Republican or dog colored blue.


Some liberals also don’t like the watered-down option,

Though most understand this was the best that could be done.

Even an “ersatz” public option is better than none at all.

Besides, it can (hopefully) be beefed up on the floor and in the conference hall.


Senate Minority Leader McConnell called it “another trillion-dollar experiment

(They keep saying that even though the bill is well under $1 trillion and the need evident)

It’s also interesting that “experiment” is the worst insult to which they can allude

(I guess that fits with their anti-Science attitude).


The bill is only “deficit-neutral” because of “sleight-of-hand budgetary tricks,” Sen. Gregg said

(A practice which under Republicans was even more widespread).

And Senator, you seem to have the term “deficit neutral” misunderstood:

The bill is $130 billion in the black, which is pretty darn good.


On abortion rights, the bill creates a “firewall”

So that no Federal funds will be used for abortion at all.

The National Right to Life Committee said it should be more restrictive,

Which to me is the best endorsement anyone could give.


Sen. Boxer said Reid’s was the “right way” to do it

(It would be a shame if we got healthcare reform this far and then blew it).

That battle’s not over, but at least Stupak’s temporarily off the table,

And hopefully Dems will keep it off, if they’re able.


The next big vote is expected on Saturday evening

When Dems the bill to the Senate floor will bring.

Republicans will try to keep from getting to the floor,

Which the importance of Democratic unity serves to underscore.


In order to avoid Republican filibuster,

Democrats must a full 60 votes muster.

Since the bill isn’t likely to get any Republican support,

Every Dem (plus Lieberman) must vote “yes” to avoid it’s abort.


Sen. Lieberman has said he’ll vote with Dems to begin debate

(Even though he continues the public option to berate).

He says he’ll vote against the final bill if a public option is included,

But that’s a problem we can deal with after debate is concluded.


Sen. Reid said he’s “cautiously optimistic”

(I just hope he’s being realistic).

But I don’t care whether you support reform or hate it:

Whatever your position, we need to debate it.


No, you can’t always get what you want,

But hopefully you get what you need

Sometimes if you don’t want to break,

You have to bend in the wind, like a Reid.


Sign this petition to complete Senator Ted Kennedy’s unfinished work and pass healthcare reform.

or, Create a Petition

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