A League of Her Own

May 22nd, 2010

As reported in Dorothy “Dottie” Kamenshek dead; women’s professional baseball player (Washington Post 5/22/10), Dottie Kamenshek died May 17.

The male ballplayers had all gone to fight World War II.

If it hadn’t been for the women, baseball would have been through.

Team owners didn’t want to lose their revenue stream or fans,

So they were willing to accept a change of plans.

Now, since the advent of Title IX,

Girls’ sports is much more common (a good sign).

But back then, the idea of women playing sports was nuts,

So doing what Dottie and the others did required lots of guts.

Among women ballplayers, Dottie reigns supreme.

She was even offered a position on a professional men’s team.

Her lifetime batting average of .292 was the women’s record

For which inclusion in the National Baseball Hall of Fame was conferred.

She stole 657 bases during her 10-year career,

Which very few male players ever come near.

She led the Peaches to the women’s championship in 1950,

Driving in five runs in the final game to win the series (pretty nifty).

But with the men back from the war and TV’s role expanded,

Attendance dropped, and in ‘54 the League disbanded.

But by then the way had already been paved

By those who those early years braved.

No, Dottie didn’t do it on her own,

But she still was in a league of her own.


Check out this book to read more about the All American Girls Professional Baseball League (Dottie Kamenshek is prominently featured). For real fans, here’s a vintage figurine and playing card. And here’s your theme music, the All American League song, sung by the Peaches in the movie from which this post takes its name, A League of Their Own (Geena Davis plays Dottie).  And yes, it’s just a coincidence that the women just happen to be in a state of partial undress when they sing this…


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