A Horse is a Horse

January 29th, 2010

Inspired by Man Gets 3 Years in Prison for Sex with Horse (KTLA.com 11/04/09) and Unstable? S.C. man on probation for horse sex has sex with same horse again (NYDailyNews.com 1/29/10).

     Rodell Vereen had sex with a horse and is now in jail,

But at least the horse was female.

     As God ordained, it’s male and female that together belong.

If the horse had been male, that would have been wrong.

     It’s interesting that one of the Right’s arguments against marriage equality

Is that it would somehow lead to bestiality.

     This case proves that the converse is true,

So there’s only one thing that we can now do.

     To stop human-animal sex, we must as a Nation take action—

Banning straight marriage is the only reasonable reaction.

     But then again, regardless of the fears Republicans incite,

Marriage equality is about a human right.

     A gay man or woman is a consenting human adult

(I doubt that Rodney was able the horse to consult).

     A gay man or woman is a human being,

With rights which the Constitution should be guaranteeing.

     In contrast, a horse is just a horse,

And doesn’t have marriage equality rights, of course.


Here’s the theme song from which this post takes its name and closing line, from the 1960s TV classic, Mr. Ed. For those of you who weren’t yet around, you can buy the DVD in our Amazon store, or watch it for free with the Real Player Superpass trial offer (click on the icon below). Mr. Ed was a talking horse in a long-term relationship with his owner, Wilbur. It should however be noted that the relationship was (as far as we know) platonic.

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