A Hard Rain

November 2nd, 2009

As reported in The Forest, the Trees, and ACORN (Dana Milbank, 10/07/09), House votes to end federal funding of ACORN (Washington Post 9/17/09), ACORN losing funding from big corporations (Washington Post 10/03/09),  ACORN Loosing Funding from Big Corporations (Washington Post 10/03/09), The $1300 Mission to Fell Acorn (Washington Post, 9/18/09), ACORN video creates new conservative star: Breitbart wins following (Washington Post 10/31/09), and Congress Went After ACORN, Big Business Must Be Next (Washington Post 9/27/09). See video protesting corporate greed by the subjects of the latter article The Yes Men below–assumedly, it will also be appearing on Fox soon, since they like undercover video so much, along with this Gun Show Undercover video (watch that below too). Also watch the Daily Show video showing Glenn Beck’s questioning of far-right candidate Doug Hoffman about ACORN and other subjects.

“We don’t need The Washington Post to cover things anymore. Something can get on a conservative blog, then on Fox News, then it’s everywhere.” — Sen. Jim DeMint (R-SC)

“This united Republican effort to defund ACORN is a victory for the rule of law and taxpayers across the country.” — House Minority Whip Eric Cantor (R-Va.)

It’s the time of year when a strong breeze

Can knock the acorns from the trees.

They shower down like rain, but with rocks instead.

If you’re not careful, one can hit you on the head.

They come down so fast and hard that before it’s done,

You feel like you’re taking fire from a machine gun.

Each falling acorn doesn’t hurt much, but as with other things,

The cumulative effect can leave your car covered with dings.

Little Jimmy Olson, you’re clearly proud of what you did

With your camera cleverly hid,

Disguised as a pimp and his whore

You set out to bring down the group you abhor.

Your video packed a strong political punch

(Forget MJ’s line that “one bad apple don’t spoil the whole bunch”).

Thanks to you, we now know,

Big oaks don’t out of all acorns grow.

Yes, I admit it looks bad,

And yes it makes me mad.

I agree with cutting off their money

But something about it smells funny.

How many offices did you have to see

Before you found those first three?

And why didn’t you release

Anything about the office in Philly calling the police?

Don’t forget, ACORN also did some good,

Like registering voters when it could.

Increasing poor and minority voters with success,

Overcoming Republican attempts to suppress.

Republicans have long suspected

That fraudulent registrations were collected.

Bush’s Justice Department investigated

And found fraud charges were inflated.

Isn’t that really why you took ACORN down,

Not the alleged crimes for which they’ve now gained renown.

Did you to your friends at Fox News gloat

That you targeted ACORN because they got minorities to vote?

The other clear reason for ACORN’s selection

Was their earlier Obama connection.

By attacking ACORN, you attack him too:

Saying that if ACORN is corrupt, then Obama is too.

(Like the rain of acorns, it’s the cumulative impacts

Of this and all the other anti-Obama attacks.)

Your video got lots of play

(It was on Fox all day).

Funny, but I don’t remember Glenn

Featuring similar video by The Yes Men.

They videotape big business transgressions

And other corporate indiscretions.

But Congress their federal funding never blocks,

And they never get featured on Fox News.

And where was the GOP rage

About those forced workers and sex-slaves in the Marianas (many underage)

Then Republican Speaker Tom Delay accepted their bosses’ campaign contributions

And praised them for their “shining light” free market contributions.

Of course, one shouldn’t blow such minor things out of proportion,

Like that their business practices included forced abortion.

Still, Fox didn’t once feature that hidden video

(If you want to watch it, there’s a copy below).

How about when Republicans come to the defense

Of yet another heinous Halliburton offense:

A female employee’s gang-raped by coworkers was concealed,

And Republicans want the company from liability to shield.

Yes, the acorns are falling hard and fast,

And Obama is being constantly harassed.

We’ll lose elections and votes here and there,

And such setbacks are hard to bear.

But we just need to keep moving ahead

And not be cowed into inaction instead.

At least for a while, a hard rain may fall.

It is November, after all.


Here’s video from Little Jimmy Olson (O’Keefe’s) anti-ACORN “investigations” in DC, Baltimore, Philadelphia, San Bernadino, San Diego, and New York City. You too can be an “investigative journalist” like little Jimmy: just click here for your very own pimp costume (fake hooker sold separately).





Here are Little Jimmy and Hannah on Sean Hannity. “Where’s 60 Minutes, where’s 20/20, where’s investigative journalism?” Sean asks. And check out how Hannah talks about how she accidentally jogging into the “wrong part of town,” saw an ACORN office, and was inspired.

Here’s O’Keefe on Fox & Friends.

Here’s the trailer from The Yes Men Fix the World. Strange, but Fox News hasn’t featured any of their work.

Here’s the gun show undercover video. (By the way, Little Jimmy, this is real reporting.)

Here’s the Daily Show 11/02/09 “Moment of Zen” on Glenn Beck’s quizes conservative candidate Doug Hoffman about ACORN, followed by his 10/14/09 report on the Republican opposition to Al Franken’s anti-rape amendment. As Jon Stewart points out, it’s unconscionable that an organization receiving government funds might tangentially provide advice on committing fake crimes, but it’s OK when an organization receiving government funds covers up gang rape by its employees.

The Daily Show With Jon Stewart Mon – Thurs 11p / 10c
Moment of Zen – Glenn Beck Tests Doug Hoffman
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The Daily Show With Jon Stewart Mon – Thurs 11p / 10c
Daily Show Full Episodes Political Humor Tea Party

Here’s your theme music for today, A Hard Rain’s Gonna Fall, by Bob Dylan.

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