A Gay Soldier in Iraq

September 23rd, 2011

A follow-up to Whose Side Are You On?, inspired by those in the Orlando Republican debate audience who booed a gay soldier stationed in Iraq.


You boo a soldier fighting in Iraq because he’s gay?

Would you boo him if you found out he died today?


What you did was already not nice,

But imagine that soldier then paid the ultimate price.


He may have loved his country, it’s true,

But he loved another man too.


And it seems that as far as you’re concerned,

That forfeits the respect his service has earned.


We don’t know exactly how many gay soldiers have died inAfghanistanandIraq,

But certainly some of them didn’t make it back.


They’re there fighting and dying to protect you and our Nation,

And you boo them because of their sexual orientation?


All our men and women in uniform have the right to expect

A little more decency, and respect.


And you who the mantle of patriotism falsely claimed,

Those of you who booed should be



Here’s Harball’s 9/23/11 report.

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