A friend in need is a friend in Deeds?

September 28th, 2009

Inspired by “How They Voted on God, Guns, and Gays” (Washington Post 9/27/09).


Like other voters, gays are adverse

To voting for someone who on their issues believes the inverse.

But between Deeds and McDonnell, it’s a choice

Between not great and much worse.


Neither thought gays should be protected from hate crimes

(even though they certainly happen sometimes).

Both voted against same sex marriage

(which seems gays to disparage).


Both voted to encourage a US amendment to ban

Marriage except for between a woman and man.

But Deeds then underwent a conversion,

And changed his vote to “no” in that bill’s final version.


Both voted for a referendum to amend the State constitution

To prohibit same sex marriage or civil union.

But Deeds changed his mind and opposed the amendment as unfair,

And so in the 2006 ballot campaign did declare.


True, Deeds’ record on gay marriage isn’t great,

But at least he doesn’t have a history of homophobic hate.

And his view are improving

(or at least, in the right direction moving).


As far as I can diagnose,

The election will be very close.

If gays give him the support he needs

They’ll hopefully find a friend in Deeds.


He got VA Partisans’ endorsement.

(That’s positive reinforcement.)

So if you’re gay,

Vote for Creigh.

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