A Drop in the Bucket

February 4th, 2011

Inspired by House Republicans propose $32 billion in budget cuts (Washington Post 2/04/11).

Republican Paul Ryan is the Man of the Hour.

For a relative newcomer, he’s got a lot of power.

The leadership has made him the GOP Budget Czar,

Even though he hasn’t proposed any net budget cuts so far.

Repubs kept trumpeting their $100 billion budget cut pledge

Which they thought in the election would give them the edge,

Even though the majority of voters the Pledge really hated,

The GOP claimed that the election its implementation mandated.

So far, they’ve fallen far short of their $100 billion pledge,

And have already started to furiously hedge.

They’ve only proposed cuts of $32 billion

A drop in the budget of a deficit of $1.3 trillion.

The year’s already part over, Ryan explained,

Backing away from the promise on which he’d campaigned.

Plus, this budget stuff is really hard,

Especially when you’re cutting things your constituents don’t want to discard.

So according to the Washington Post report,

Republicans are already about $70 billion short.

And since repealing Obamacare would cost the Treasury $230 billion,

Their net spending cut just missed the mark by a mere… $300 billion.

$32 billion is such a small drop in the deficit bucket.

If that’s the best Repubs can do, we might as well…

Forget it.

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