A Deadly Epidemic

November 14th, 2009

Inspired by “The H1N1 swine flu experimental vaccination, martial law and eugenics story” (just one example of the craziness out there from PuppetGov.com 8/10/09), “New CDC estimates show what toll swine flue is taking in US: Number of child deaths is four times as high as had been reported” and “CDC’s swine flu toll: 4,000 dead, 22 million ill” (Washington Post 11/13/09). Watch the videos below to see what Glenn Beck and other conservatives have to say.

 There’s a virulent disease sweeping the nation,

Dangerous beyond imagination.

It’s particularly deadly when combined with swine flu.

Let’s just hope it doesn’t get me or you.


Swine flu has 22 million Americans sickened,

And the pace of infections has over the last 6 months quickened.

98K have with H1N1 been hospitalized,

Based on CDC data recently revised.


In total, 3900 have died,

In spite of the measures their doctors tried

11% over age 64, 14% under 18,

And 75% in between.


Usually, 90% of flu deaths are people over 64,

Many of whom were already near death from something else before.

The death of so many young and otherwise healthy people makes H1N1 such a threat–

And flu season’s not even over yet.


That’s bad, but the disease I’m talking about is worse,

And when combined with swine flu, the effect is even more adverse.

The disease I’m talking about is government mistrust

Fed by Fox’s constant attitude of unconcealed disgust.


What’s with the constant anti-government carping

And never-ending conspiracy harping?

The government, Fox says, can do no right

Are they trying to kill you? You now, they might!


One thing that I just don’t get

Is that Nine-twelvers always seem to forget

That the two views of which they’re so insistent

Are not at all mutually consistent.


They say the government’s unable a simple program to oversee,

And then suggest it’s the author of a massive conspiracy.

If the government’s not capable of even a simple thing,

How could they pull off such a complex undertaking?


Glenn Beck talks about government incompetence and plots,

Tacitly encouraging people not to get shots.

When asked if he got the vaccine, Glenn wouldn’t reveal it.

Tell me Glenn, what’s the truth, and why do you conceal it?


My guess is that you realize

That you’re better off not believing right wing lies.

Ranting against government may increase your personal wealth,

But practicing what you preach isn’t good for your personal health.


You say the decision must remain a “personal choice,”

As if you in misinformation’s continued spread rejoice.

The “compelling arguments” against vaccination should be openly rejected

Or many more people will become infected.


Why don’t you openly recommend

That viewers get the vaccine, their health to defend.

Even Bill O’Reilly did it,

Or does your anti-government fervor forbid it?


And so what if some viewers die from the flu–

What’s that got to do with you?

If your viewers’ kids die, what do you care,

In your quest for the coveted 40 share.


The CDC says the best way to avoid swine flu is be vaccinated,

So I hope you’re proud of the deaths you’ve created.

Isn’t your function supposed to be viewers to inform?

(Too bad you’re also against healthcare reform.)


Why don’t you just come out and say you were wrong,

And knew the “concerns” were crazy all along?

But I guess if you did that you’d have to confess

That the same thing’s true about all the theories you profess.


When asked if God in war victory would provide

A famous soldier once replied

“Have faith in God, but keep your powder dry.”

With swine flu I believe a similar rule should apply.


I understand that some believe God’s protection

Will shield them from swine flue infection.

If you believe that Reader, or you think it’s all a plot,

Have faith in God (not Rush and Glenn), but get the damn shot.


Here’s a compendium from Media Matters of Glenn Beck’s and Rush’s statements on H1N1 vaccinations.

Here’s a September 2009 Fox interview of a doctor discussing the dangers of the H1N1 vaccine (he also said that he thought the virus was “winding down” (instead, it’s severity increased significance in that month).

Here are Rush, Glenn, Sean Hannity, and others talking about the “manufactured” emergency, and how our incompetent government has mismanaged the H1N1 vaccinations (never mind that it’s private companies that are providing the vaccine, and that their ability to produce enough to meet the unprecedented worldwide demand has been the main stumbling block).

Here’s Glenn Beck talking about the “facts” of H1N1 vaccination (read a partial transcript here).

Here’s Jon Stewart’s report, including Glenn Beck’s statement that he won’t reveal whether he and his family got vaccinated.

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Here’s the full clip on the discussion between O’Reilly and Beck about H1N1 (read the transcript here, and note how Glenn refers to his followers as “zombies”).

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