A Dangerous Man

February 6th, 2013

Which one of these two guys scares you?

A Dangerous Man


John is a patriotic American.

He owns 17 guns, including 3 assault rifles.

He stockpiles ammunition.

He records and posts videos saying it’s not time to start shooting people…yet.

He has ongoing legal disputes with several neighbors.

He believes that Obama is a dictator intent on destroying America

And that the black helicopters are coming.


John’s a law-abiding American.

Common sense gun laws can’t be passed

Because they might upset him.

We can’t create an alert system

To notify local police when he buys 5000 rounds of ammo.

We can’t keep a record of his gun purchases,

Because he’s afraid it’ll be used to confiscate his guns

And put him in a FEMA concentration camp.


John hates everybody.

He hates minorities and gays for what they’re “doing to America.”

He hates people on welfare,

Even though he himself is on Social Security Disability.

But most of all,

He hates “illegals.”


They’ve taken over the neighborhood.

They work in the diner he goes to,

And it makes him mad when the waitress doesn’t understand him

(Her English is actually pretty good, but John mumbles).

“Illegal” kids go to the school down the street.

Why should John’s taxes go to pay for them

(Never mind that John doesn’t pay any federal, state, or local taxes),

And why should he have to listen to them walking down the street speaking Spanish?

Just having to drive by that school every day makes John mad.


Juan is one of those “illegals.”

He risked his life to come to America,

Paying a coyote to smuggle him across the border.

He works 60 hours per week at an exhausting low-wage job.

He pays Social Security and Medicare taxes with a fake ID, so he’ll never be eligible for benefits.

He has federal, state, and local taxes deducted from his paycheck and would be eligible to get almost all of them refunded given his low income, but he’s afraid to file for it.

He works so hard because he wants his kids to have a better life

(They go to the school down the street from John’s house).

Juan lives in fear that he’ll be caught and deported.

He keeps his head down.


Juan’s a threat to America!

Arrest him!

Jail him!

Deport him!

Says John.


To me, Juan doesn’t seem so scary:

In fact, quite the contrary.


In spite of his initial immigration impropriety,

He’s making a contribution to American society.


Juan is not what with America is the matter.

John, on the other hand, is another matter…


Here’s StrongIsland Prepper explaining that Zombie Preppers aren’t afraid of actual zombies: that’s just a code word for people on welfare that you may have to shoot when they start rioting.

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