A Coakley and a Smile

January 17th, 2010

As reported by Obama will campaign personally for Coakley as Massachusetts Senate race tightens (WashingtonPost.com 1/15/10 3:52 pm), Race is on for Mass. (Washington Post 1/16/10), The Mass. Senate race: a smart view from the ground (WashingtonPost.com 1/16/10 3:08 pm), and McConnell: Mass. Senate race a health referendum (AP via WashingtonPost.com 1/17/10 9:46 am), Massachusetts Dem Martha Coakley has lost a big chunk of the lead she had over GOP rival MA State Senator Scott Brown.


     Martha Coakley is now in a close race.

For her to lose would be a Democratic disgrace.

It’s true, Massachusetts has long been a one-party state,

Like Coke, the Dems used to dominate.

     Some people think it’s time the Dems to ditch.

But unlike Coke and Pepsi, change in flavor isn’t a good reason to switch.

     Besides, we’ve all tried “Republican” before–

I don’t know about you, but I sure don’t want more.

I still haven’t gotten over the bitter aftertaste

Of 8 years of Bush and the GOP (what a waste).

     But if “change” is the message your interested in sending,

I propose you focus on the next local election pending.

This election’s not about who will govern MA,

But about whether Dems get a fair chance to fix the USA.

     Obama and the Dems have been in office for just one year,

And that they’ve improved things is abundantly clear.

What they’ve accomplished already is hard to believe

Given that Republicans have blocked everything they’ve tried to achieve.

     In 2006, after hard-fought Congressional races

The majority and minority parties switched places.

In 2008, the Dems built on that victory,

Achieving the Senate’s coveted super-majority.

     That 60 vote majority is crucial to get anything done

In the legislative Bermuda Triangle which the Senate has become.

Those votes have been hard enough for the Dems to maintain,

And will be impossible if the Dems Teddy’s seat don’t retain.

     Ted Kennedy made healthcare reform his life mission.

It would be tragic if his death resulted in its abolition.

Healthcare reform has gotten further this year than in the last 100

If we mess this up know, we will have really blundered.

     Scott Brown speaks of “one-party rule,” speakers indicted, and Senators resigning–

I guess he GOP history for the previous eight years was defining.

Republicans set historic records for corruption and abuse of office

(Read my earlier post if you want to further reminisce).

     “We’ve lost faith” in the healthcare bill, Brown shamelessly said:

Republicans never had any faith to lose (they just wanted to kill it instead).

Some erstwhile supporters have “lost faith” due to constant Republican attack,

But that’s no reason to “start over” and “send it back.”

     Brown claims that “in Washington, there’s no debate,”

But there’s been more this year than in the prior 8.

The Dems have debated and made concessions galore.

They had to, just to get the damn bill to the floor.

     What can Brown do for you?

Nothing, except the progress of the last year to undo.

Do we want to the failed policies of the GOP to return?

Do we Americans ever learn?

     Maybe Dems don’t always sing in perfect harmony,

But at least we’re on the side of the citizenry.

Sure, permanent one party rule leaves a lot to be desired,

But after one year of Dems, do you want the GOP rehired?

     The problem is not Federal one-party rule:

The problem is that Brown would be a GOP tool

To further obstruct the real change the Dems are bringing

By adding a vote to their ankle-biting and mud-slinging.

     What Brown is selling is in fact not change,

Just strengthening of the obstructionist phalange.

What Brown is selling is the same old GOP crock.

What Brown is selling is even worse partisan gridlock.

     Coakley, it should be noted, is herself no slouch,

As the many people she’s helped can vouch.

She’s fought against crime as a local DA

And was voted into the Academy of Women Achievers by the YWCA.

     She went on to win plaudits as Massachusetts AG.

She recovered $610 million for the Big Dig catastrophe,

And filed suit to challenge DOMA’s constitutionality

(So what if she doesn’t always come off that well on TV).

      Coakley is also no anti-business firebrand

(She received a local Chamber of Commerce award for Excellence in Management in Government),

But she did take on big banks last year for their lending abuses

And won $70 million in judgments (instead of just worthless excuses).

      Coakley’s always worked hard on the people’s behalf–

So what if she’s made the occasional gaffe?

She understands the direction the state and country should go

(Brown, on the other hand, just knows how to say no).

     So MA voters, if you don’t like State Dems, by all means vote them out,

But that’s not what this Tuesday’s special election is about.

Tuesday is about not letting Republicans negate

The election results of 2008.

     Obama is went to Massachusetts today.

Hopefully, his appearance can save the day.

He won the State with 60%.

Hopefully his presence Coakley’s chances will augment.

     So Independents-for-Brown, please reconsider your position:

This isn’t the time for a political transition.

And MA Dems, now’s not the time to be complacent:

There are just two days left, so it’s time for the sprint.

     Republicans like Brown to the same tired trope cling,

But Martha Coakley is the real thing.

So readers, please do all you can, Coakley’s win to promote.

For starters, click here to donate or help get out the vote.


Non-baby boomers out there probably won’t remember the old Coke commercials referred to in this post. Here’s one of the classic “Coke and a Smile” commercials (there was a series of them) that the title refers to.

Here’s the Coke “I’d like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony” commercial.

Ah, those were the good old days.

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