A Better Day?

June 1st, 2012

Inspired by the new Romney “A Better Day” commercial. Is it just my imagination, or does this imagery of returning America to normalcy smack of just a teeny, tiny bit of coded racism?


“What will be different about a Romney presidency? From day one, President Romney focuses on the economy and the deficit, unleashes America’s energy resources, and stands up to Chinaon trade. President Romney’s leadership puts jobs first. But there’s something more than legislation or new policy. It’s the feeling we’ll have that our country’s back — back on the right track. That’s what will be different about a Romney presidency” – New Romney “A Better Day” commercial


Mitt’s new commercial

Is looking ahead,

Imagining a future

With him President instead.


The production values

Are pretty high,

Not to mention

The big-dollar ad buy.


So as not to waste

All those big bucks,

In case you missed it,

Here’s the crux:


Our country will be back

And on the right track

Because the President will again be white

Instead of black.


Here’s Mitt’s new commercial.

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