The Higher-Up Cover Up

March 28th, 2012

We’ve just learned that the lead investigator in the Trayvon Martin case didn’t believe George Zimmerman’s story and requested an arrest warrant, which the local State Attorney General and police chief denied.


The lead Sanford PD investigator has in a sworn affidavit attested

That he requested a warrant for George Zimmerman to be arrested.


Trayvon’s body was still lying dead on the ground

When the State Attorney and police chief turned him down.


So the department’s problem goes higher up.

(No wonder Police Chief Lee wanted to cover that up.)


Chris Serino, the lead investigator on the case, didn’t believe George Zimmerman’s story and requested an arrest warrant. The local State Attorney Norman Wolfinger and Police Chief Bill Leedenied it. This revelations clearly bolsters the case that George Zimmerman should have been arrested on the spot, and also restores some degree of confidence in the Sanfordpolice at the working level (the level which most citizens come in contact with). On the other hand, this new information also raises more questions about the police department’s leadership. Not only was their over-ruling the lead investigator highly questionable, but they also lied when previously presenting this as an open-and-shut self-defense case.


Click here to sign the petition calling for George Zimmerman to be arrested and prosecuted.

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