Cartoon Characters

November 17th, 2009

Inspired by by “The Stupid Virus” (Huffington Post 11/14/09), “Glenn Beck and Bill O’Reilly Going on Tour Together!” (Daily Intel via Huffington Post 11/16/09), “Sarah Palin Called TWILF In Current TV Cartoon” (Huffington Post 11/16/09).  And as if they weren’t cartoonic enough already, check out these cartoon versions of Rush, Glenn, Sarah Palin, and Bill O’Reilly.


Stop listening to Sarah and Rush.

Stop watching Sean, Bill, and Glenn.

Read a newspaper (any paper) instead—

America will have a chance then.


Sarah Palin doesn’t do well with the mainstream media

So she’s proclaimed herself Queen of Social Media.

Through Twitter and Facebook she gets the message out directly

(Too bad she reports the facts incorrectly).


Rush Limbaugh likes to lie and distort.

Fiction as fact he’ll report.

His followers to violence exhort

(He’s on radio, so you can’t see his face contort).


Glenn Beck peddles baseless dreck,

Appealing to the extremist redneck.

He’s the one that should be blamed

When right wing nutjobs are inflamed.


Fox’s big-headed bully Sean Hannity

Unlike Beck has no (outward) claim of insanity,

But he still gets so angry that his face flushes and mouth foams

(At least in the old days he had Colmes).


Bill O’Reilly (otherwise known as “Papa Bear”)

Is an Independent, he will often swear.

Is he a journalist, commentator, or just an actor?

Whichever it is, honesty is not a factor.


When did we become a nation

That gets our information

From cartoon characters

Without character?


Here’s the Current TV cartoon Rush (“Jabba the Rush”), with guest appearances by Michael Steele, Ann Coulter, Laura Ingraham, Meghan McCain, and The Arnold.

Here are Rush and Sean Hannity comparing Obama to Al Qaeda.

Here’s a cartoon Glenn Beck on South Park.

South Park Wed 10pm / 9c
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Here’s another cartoon Glenn from Current TV (very funny).

Here’s Current TV’ piece on Bill O’Reilly’s defense of Christmas (after all, it’s almost that time of year again).

And speaking of the stupid virus, here (again from Current TV) are Glenn, Rush, Bill O’Reilly, Sarah Palin, and others all infected by the belief that Obama is not a US citizen but is in fact the anti-Christ. Watch this one all the way through – it’s awesome.

Finally, speaking of cartoons and Sean Hannity, here’s an anti-Obama cartoon that actually appeared on Hannity’s show. First of all, it’s not even that good (if you want an Obama spoof, this Current TV one is much better). Second, it’s one thing to show mocking cartoons on Youtube or on a little known website, but I personally don’t think this kind of cartoon about the President of the United States is appropriate to feature an a major news show (and check out Hannity’s snide comment at the end).

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