The Hate-Talk Express

June 11th, 2012

Inspired by Mitt Romney plans six-state, five-day bus tour (Philip Rucker, 6/11/12) and Lawrence O’Donnell’s challenge to come up with a new name for Mitt’s new bus tour. 


The Romney campaign is hitting the road,

The President in more places to goad.


2008 GOP candidate John McCain

(Now loyally supporting the King of Bain)

Called his bus tour the “Straight-Talk Express.”

What moniker, askedLawrence, should Romney’s possess?


The “Hate-Talk Express” is my proposal.

Mitt, feel free: It’s at your disposal.


Here’s the Last Word’s 6/11/12 report on the Romney bus tour. My idea: Call it the “Hate-Talk Express,” since Romney’s campaign is built entirely on inciting and channeling anti-Obama sentiment. I also considered the “Double-Talk Express” because of Romney’s pathological distaste for the truth, but I like Hate-Talk better. Want a few more? How about:

  • “Magical Misery (or Mitt-sery) Tour”
  • “Every Clown Counts,” a reference to the tour’s actual name and Romney’s apparent desire to appeal to every wacky racist and/or birther voter out there
  • “The Tree-Height Express”
  • “The Save Amercia Buscraft”
  • and speaking of “craft,” if it had been an “aircraft” tour, Mitt could have called it “Fakes on a Plane.”


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Update 6/12/12: Here Lawrence’s announcement of the “Name that Bus” contest winner (unfortunately, it wasn’t me). His choice (the “Etch-a-Sketch Express”) was OK, but I still think some of mine were better.

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