30 Day Notice (or: What’s the Next Excuse?)

May 29th, 2012

Inspired by Ed’s and Rachel’s reports on Florida Republicans’ most recent attack on voting rights. Gov. Rick Scott wants to purge voter rolls of 180K voters (including one 91 year old decorated WW2 veteran), supposedly because of suspicion that they’re not US citizens. To retain their right to vote, voters have 30 days to prove citizenship. If Florida Republicans like that idea so much, I have a twist they might like.


Florida Republicans are at it again,

Trying to purge voters now like they did then.


In 2000 it was felons, and this time it’s citizenship

As a pretense, people of their voting rights to strip.


Florida Republicans are running out of excuses

For their repeated voter suppression abuses.


They’ve already rounded up the usual suspects.

Who will they try to round up next?


What’s next for these brave voting integrity defenders?

I know: How about pretending to go after sex offenders?


Here’s Ed’s 5/29/12 report on Florida’s mass voter purge.

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Here’s Rachel’s 5/29/12 report on the last time Florida did a mass voter purge: 2000, also by a Republican Governor (Jeb Bush) looking to help the GOP’s presidential candidate (George Bush). Twelve years later, they’re doing it again.

Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Now here’s my idea. If Florida Republicans think purging voter rolls of suspected illegals is such a great idea, here’s another one for them.

The right to vote is so much more fundamental to our democracy than the right to bear arms, and we don’t want illegal immigrants to dilute that right (especially since, as Republicans tell us, illegals are all drug dealers, murderers, and rapists). So how about Florida sends out notices to every single gun owner in the state, requiring them to submit forms and documentation proving that they’re American citizens. If they fail to do so before the 30 day deadline, their licenses are automatically revoked, and they will then be subject to arrest unless they turn their guns in.


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